martes, 11 de junio de 2013

Lines, spots, animals, plants and shapes, done in a very abstract sometimes geometric way: The african pattern is one of the most beautiful things that can be seen in motion...

I love Africa and I believe in the promotion of it´s cultural expressions. Fashion is one of them. It is a small but very important part in the development process and I feel proud of what african prints represent.

African wax print fabrics have many influences. Indeed, its history starts when batik wax-resist textiles were first imported into Africa from Indonesia in the 1800’s through West African soldiers that served in Indonesia from early to just beyond the mid 1800’s. These batik wax resist fabrics were also brought into Africa by European traders, mainly the Dutch.

Attempts were initially made to introduce the batiks to Europe, but these efforts were not successful. Largely it seems, because they were considered very exotic in design content. They were however extremely popular in West African markets. The fabrics were customized and designed to reflect local African tradition, culture and symbolisms. Many of the designs found on fabrics depict events, proverbs, persons of importance or local flora and fauna.

A good wardrobe should always include something of this style, it may be the star of a look or just one more piece that will highlight another. It is definately not for shy people, as they can be make your look quite head turning…

If you want to be original, they can make you take a style within trends. African fabrics are not a trend, but a style in themselves that can create fabulous looks depending on how we mix and match.

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you are respecting the planet. Today, there are some manufacturers not meeting the standards to keep the planet healthy at all. The african prints, are a great choice if you are committed for this cause.

Globalization has shorten distances, to the point where we can go shopping around at any of the great capitals of fashion without leaving home. However, the major design houses have not make the shopping dream a cheap thing yet. You just have to look for options that do not ruin your economy. The african prints are ok for most of the budgets.

Any time of the day it´s ok to wear beautiful african prints, since they  accept all other fabrics and styles, being either a pant, skirt, dress, top, jacket or short, the possibilities are endless.

Mix, mix and re-mix African Print with other stuff, otherwise it will not be so attractive.

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